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The Road to a Brilliant Smile With Full Mouth Rehabilitation

When you’re struggling with numerous dental issues, it may feel like obtaining a brilliant smile is beyond your reach. But innovative dental technology and advances in technique make it possible to enjoy all the cosmetic and oral health benefits of a beautiful smile regardless of your current issues. 

At First Impression Dental in Fresno, California, Dr. Brett Lent specializes in perfecting smiles. Expertly trained and highly-skilled in full mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Lent is well-known for providing comprehensive dental care that focuses on your needs and circumstances.

Read on to learn more about your options for full mouth rehabilitation.

Full mouth rehabilitation

The full mouth rehabilitation process starts with a comprehensive exam that identifies oral issues and cosmetic problems that affect your dental health as well as your appearance.

Numerous conditions can be addressed with a full mouth rehab, which is a process rather than a single procedure.

Comprehensive reconstruction may include a fix for:

Depending on your needs, full mouth reconstruction may include procedures to correct just a few or all these issues.

What procedures are included in full mouth rehabilitation?

Depending on your cosmetic needs, Dr. Lent may recommend:

Therapies designed to address your oral health may include:

Dr. Lent focuses on your oral health as well as your appearance and is dedicated to providing dental care that’s painless and convenient.

How long does a full mouth rehabilitation take?

A full mouth rehabilitation is customized to fit your needs and timing can vary greatly based on the individual. Dr. Lent discusses the procedures and expectations regarding your treatment strategy before scheduling your first step.

Generally, however, each visit will include as many procedures as possible to help decrease the number of appointments overall. At First Impression Dental, we also offer many innovative services, such as CEREC same-day crowns, that help save time. The type of procedure you require also affects how long your process may take.

We also make every effort to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed during your visits to First Impression Dental. For individuals who are especially anxious about dental procedures or require extensive work, we offer sedation dentistry.  

For the highest quality dental care that’s delivered in a patient-friendly environment, schedule a visit at First Impression Dental today. Call the office or request an appointment online.


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