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Laser Dentistry

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Laser dentistry takes much of the pain, bleeding, and recovery time out of extensive and routine dental procedures. At First Impression Dental Fresno, expert dentist Brett P. Lent, DDS, uses the only Solea® CO2 dental laser in Fresno, California, to treat tooth decay, contour your gums, remove fibromas, and much more. To find out if the Solea laser is available for your next procedure, request an appointment by phone or online at First Impression Dental Fresno today.

Laser Dentistry Q & A

What is laser dentistry?

A laser is a powerful beam of light consisting of just one wavelength. When it reaches your bone or tissue in the right setting, a laser can shape, alter, or remove it. Laser procedures are generally lower risk and more comfortable than their traditional counterparts.Laser dentistry is similar to traditional dentistry. The main difference is that your dentist uses a laser in lieu of a drill or scalpel to cut through your tooth enamel or soft tissue. At First Impression Dental Fresno, Dr. Lent uses one of only 950 Solea lasers in the country — and the only one in Fresno — to treat tooth decay and perform other procedures. 

What does a dental laser do?

Dr. Lent uses the Solea laser for a wide range of dental procedures. Since the Solea works on hard and soft tissue, he can use it to treat both gum and tooth conditions. If you need any of the following procedures, he may use the Solea laser to make your visit more comfortable and convenient:

  • Tooth decay removal
  • Gum contouring
  • Gum surgery
  • Crown lengthening
  • Frenectomy
  • Fibroma removal
  • Treatment for tooth sensitivity

If laser dentistry is available for your upcoming procedure, Dr. Lent discusses it with you in detail. He tells you how the laser works to replace traditional tools and how the procedure is different because of it. 

How does laser dentistry compare to traditional dentistry?

Laser dentistry offers an extensive list of benefits over traditional dental procedures. The Solea laser allows you to forgo anesthesia and the potential complications that come with using it. Laser procedures are pain-free and allow for greater precision in their incisions. 

Furthermore, the Solea laser cauterizes any wound that it makes as Dr. Lent performs your procedure. The lasers cause minimal bleeding and rarely require sutures to close the incisions. There’s also a lower chance of a bacterial infection after your procedure because the heat from the laser kills nearby bacteria. 

As a final benefit, Dr. Lent can perform many procedures at once using the Solea laser so you don’t need to book multiple appointments with downtime between them. This is especially useful if you require multiple procedures.

To find out if laser dentistry is applicable for your upcoming dental procedure, call First Impression Dental Fresno or request an appointment online today.

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