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The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Our team here at First Impression Dental, led by award-winning dentist Dr. Brett P. Lent, provides the most effective, state-of-the-art care available in general and cosmetic dentistry. We’re also extremely committed to ensuring your visits to our family-friendly office in Fresno, California, are as convenient, stress-free, and painless as possible.

When in the hands of a skilled expert, laser dentistry meets all our professional standards, including keeping our patients comfortable and less anxious about their dental visits.

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry uses laser energy rather than traditional drills, scalpels, and other dental tools to successfully treat and prevent conditions affecting your oral health. The laser emits a very narrow and focused beam of energy that quickly removes or reshapes the targeted tissue. Varying wavelengths also enhance the speed and effectiveness of cosmetic treatments.

Here at First Impression Dental, we use the advanced Solea® laser platform. The energy delivered by this impressive computer-aided system allows Dr. Lent to perform a wide variety of treatments with great speed and excellent precision.

For you, laser dentistry means highly effective, essentially pain-free dental treatments that eliminate the need for anesthesia or sutures. Note also that soft-tissue incisions created with the laser seal immediately, which eliminates bleeding after your procedure. It also greatly decreases the time you spend in-office for certain treatments. 

How does laser dentistry decrease appointment times?

The speed of the laser effectively reduces the time required for specific procedures. That efficiency also increases Dr. Lent’s ability to perform several procedures in just one office visit. Traditional dentistry, on the other hand, often requires multiple visits to address separate issues related to gum health, tooth decay, and other oral issues.  

Here at First Impression Dental, laser dentistry is just one of the many steps we take to help make dental care more convenient and comfortable. We also offer other services, such as same-day crowns and sedation dentistry, that provide the quality results you deserve in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  

What conditions do you treat with laser dentistry?

With laser dentistry, Dr. Lent can perform a broad range of dental procedures which, depending on your circumstances and needs, may include:

One of the significant benefits of the advanced technology available with the Solea platform is its ability to treat both soft-tissue conditions and hard-tissue issues that can affect your oral health as well as the cosmetic appeal of your smile.

Schedule a visit today for an evaluation and more information about laser dentistry or any of the dental services we offer here at First Impression Dental.

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