Gain Without the Pain: The Many Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Dentists have long tried to help you feel comfortable during exams and procedures, even to the point of quieting down that often dreaded but necessary drilling during a cavity repair. In traditional dentistry, pain is typically managed with an injection of an anesthetic such as Novocain®, which can keep your face uncomfortably numb for hours.

Without a doubt, the temporary pain experienced during traditional dentistry procedures is preferable to the aching gums or painful teeth that brought you to the dentist in the first place. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, though, if you could experience the benefits of the highest-quality dental care quickly, precisely, and without discomfort? That’s where laser dentistry excels.

Our expert team at First Impression Dental in Fresno, California, is led by Dr. Brett Lent. We are committed to providing our patients with the best dental care available in a comfortable and relaxed setting. That’s why we include laser dentistry using the advanced Solea® laser platform in our broad range of services, including cosmetic procedures.    

Take a minute to find out more about laser dentistry and why we prefer the Solea system here at First Impression Dental.

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry involves the use of laser energy to enhance our ability to shape and restore healthy gums and teeth quickly, often without the need for anesthesia. The dental laser provides a narrow beam of controlled heat energy that Dr. Lent focuses precisely on the targeted area.

This essentially eliminates the need for drills, scalpels, and other surgical instruments used in traditional dentistry. Because the laser cauterizes and seals soft tissue incisions instantly, sutures aren’t typically necessary either.

For instance, a laser can let Dr. Lent prepare a decayed tooth for a filling without drilling. The energy from the laser removes decayed material, seals the remaining healthy surface, and sterilizes the area in one step.  

What is the Solea laser system?

The Solea is an advanced, computer-aided, CO2 laser platform that’s designed to treat both soft and hard tissue areas with one system, including gums, teeth, and bone. Most dental lasers can be used on soft tissue or hard tissue, but not both.

What are the benefits of Solea laser dentistry?

Advantages of the advanced Solea system include:

At First Impression Dental, Dr. Lent may recommend laser dentistry with the Solea system for:

Dr. Lent can also use the Solea system to repair tongue-tie in adults and children (frenectomy) or prepare your gums and jaw for dental implants. 

Schedule a visit with Dr. Lent today at First Impression Dental to discover whether your smile can benefit from painless and comfortable laser dentistry.

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