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Dental Implants: There's Never Been a Better Option for Replacing Missing Teeth

Despite your best efforts, trauma, advanced decay or gum disease sometimes results in tooth loss. This can have devastating effects on your confidence as well as your oral health. Dental implants make it possible to replace one, several, or a mouthful of missing teeth.

Dr. Brett P. Lent is a dental implant specialist who leads the team at First Impression Dental, located in Fresno, California. Well known for his skill and family-friendly approach to general and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Lent explains why dental implants are an outstanding option for restoring your smile.

What’s so special about dental implants?

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants provide many benefits compared to alternatives such as bridges and dentures. These advantages include:

Extremely natural appearance

Most of our implant patients at First Impression Dental are understandably drawn by the very natural appearance and feel of dental implants.

Crafted from the highest quality materials and permanently affixed to your jaw, implants so closely mimic natural teeth that you may even forget they aren’t your natural teeth. Cosmetically speaking, there just isn’t a better alternative for replacing missing teeth.

Improved jaw health

Missing tooth roots quickly lead to loss of bone tissue in your jaw. Over time, this can affect your overall appearance by causing your jaw to recede and facial skin to droop or sag.

Unlike traditional bridges and dentures that sit on top of the gums, dental implants contain a manufactured root that’s implanted into your jaw. Made from bio-friendly material (usually titanium) that encourages bone replenishment, dental implants provide the stability and bone-preserving action of natural tooth roots.

Permanent tooth replacement

Unlike dentures and bridges that typically require replacement after 5-10 years, dental implants can last a lifetime. Although, the visible portion (crown) experiences the same wear-and-tear and may need replacing after 10-15 years. Replacing a crown, however, is a relatively simple, in-office fix.

Easy care

You won’t have to remove your implants for overnight soaking or cleaning. To keep your smile fresh and bright, simply brush and floss as directed and continue routine checkups here at First Impression Dental.

Improved self-confidence

Even the best fitting dentures can unexpectedly and embarrassingly slip out of place when you’re speaking or eating. Dental implants are designed to remain in place offering you the confidence you deserve.

Why do I still need routine exams with dental implants?

You won’t have to worry about decay with dental implants, but exams remain vital for preserving your overall oral health. Among other benefits, routine checkups provide Dr. Lent an opportunity to carefully examine your gums and mouth for signs of disease such as gingivitis or cancerous lesions.    

Also, like natural teeth, the visible portion of dental implants can sometimes suffer micro-cracks and other injuries from hard, crunch-worthy foods. Routine exams give us a chance to identify and repair the damage early and provide professional-grade cleaning as necessary.  

For more details regarding dental implants, schedule a visit at First Impression Dental in Fresno, California, today. Call the office and speak with a friendly team member or request an appointment online.

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