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5 Reasons to Consider Laser Dentistry

Experts considered the possibility of laser dentistry as early as 1960 according to the United States Library of Medicine. The technology became commercially available to dental practices in 1989. Since that time, significant improvements in the design of laser delivery systems have greatly enhanced their usefulness in dentistry.  

Dr. Brett Lent of First Impression Dental in Fresno, California, is a trusted dentist and laser dentistry specialist, offering a full suite of general and cosmetic dental services from a state-of-the-art facility designed with your comfort in mind.

Read the top five reasons Dr. Lent gives for considering laser dentistry at First Impression Dental.

1. Fewer trips to the dentist

The team at First Impression Dental loves to welcome patients to their office. The team recognizes, however, that a trip to the dentist can be inconvenient and stressful, especially when you’re facing multiple procedures.

Because Dr. Lent uses the highly advanced Solea® laser platform, which is designed to offer a wide range of treatments for hard and soft tissue, he can often combine procedures and treat several issues during one office visit.

Dr. Lent may recommend laser dentistry for:

The energy produced by the Solea system also works much faster than other laser platforms and effectively replaces the standard drill, scalpel, and other tools used during traditional dentistry. That further reduces the time you spend in the office.

2. Less pain and increased comfort overall

Procedures performed with the Solea laser are essentially painless and seldom require the use of anesthesia. Best of all, drilling becomes a thing of the past with laser dentistry. These factors greatly increase your comfort and reduce stress and anxiety during dental visits.

Note that laser dentistry is available for individuals of any age. Dr. Lent also provides sedation dentistry for those who experience significant dental anxiety.

3. Greater precision

The advanced design of the Solea system provides greater control than other models. That allows for greater precision and increased effectiveness during intricate dental procedures such as gum surgery or contouring, cavity removal, and crown lengthening.

4. Quicker healing time

Note that the energy from a laser immediately cauterizes any wound it creates, which means you’re not likely to need stitches following various surgical procedures. The precision possible with the laser also means less trauma to nearby healthy tissue, which is simply unavoidable with traditional dentistry. These factors all contribute to faster healing.

5. Less risk of post-treatment complications

Despite your best efforts, unexpected bleeding, bacterial infection, and other complications can occur following traditional dental procedures. Fortunately, the sterile environment, wound cautery, and other benefits of laser dentistry greatly reduce and even eliminates many of these risks.

For more information about laser dentistry or any of the other top-level services we offer here at First Impression Dental, schedule your evaluation today.

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