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4 Common Dental Emergencies

Patients at First Impression Dental appreciate Dr. Brett Lent’s expertise as a dentist and his ongoing commitment to helping people of all ages feel comfortable and welcome at our beautiful office in Fresno, California.

Our team is also dedicated to providing top-quality emergency care that relieves your pain and protects your smile’s health. But how do you decide what’s an emergency and what can wait until tomorrow?

Consider these four common dental issues and the factors that make them an emergency.

Oral trauma

A fall from a bike, a collision on the field during a sports activity, and other accidents can cause significant injury to the mouth or jaw. We offer a full suite of emergency dental services here at First Impression Dental.

Depending on the nature and extent of your injury, your treatment may include stitches to close a wound, crown replacement, or X-rays to accurately identify jaw injuries. Significant trauma may require medical transport to the hospital. In that case, a dental evaluation and treatment may be initiated in the emergency room.   


Infections involving your gums and teeth require urgent care. That is especially true if you have diabetes, heart disease, or other conditions that compromise your immune system.

Bacteria responsible for the infection can easily spread from your mouth to your bloodstream, which can result in serious health complications. Infective endocarditis, for instance, is an infection that attacks the endothelial surfaces of the heart and often evolves from bacterial infections in the mouth.

Treatment for oral infections varies. Gum abscesses are likely the most familiar type of infection and generally respond to antibiotics. Pulpitis, an infection invading the soft pulp within your teeth, may require tooth extraction or root canal.

Symptoms depend on the type of infection. An abscess, for instance, typically causes localized swelling and pain and may appear initially as a small pimple-like lesion on your gum. Pulpitis, on the other hand, causes pain in the affected tooth and a more generalized swelling of the jaw.   


We encourage our patients to call First Impression Dental whenever they’re experiencing significant discomfort in their gums, teeth, or jaw. There’s no reason to try and outlast a toothache.

Mild twinges now and then are likely not an emergency, but they could certainly signal that it’s time to come in for an exam and possible treatment for tooth decay or early gum disease. If you’re not sure your pain warrants an urgent visit, give our office a call for guidance. 

Avulsed tooth

Depending on its condition, an avulsed (knocked out) tooth can often be reimplanted. However, it requires immediate attention. 

Retrieve the tooth if possible and rinse off any debris with water. Try putting the tooth back in place, being sure to hold it by the crown and not the root end. Otherwise, place the tooth in a small container of milk or water and proceed to the clinic or call our office if after hours.

If you’re ever in doubt about whether you’re experiencing a dental emergency, call our office for further direction. We’re here to provide the dental services you need to keep your smile healthy.

Schedule your visit today or walk-in for an emergency. 

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